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Individual coaching and consulting for Austrian startups and established businesses include US market entry, business development, marketing, innovation and strategy, as well as technology, startup and investor scouting. We also are organizing high-level delegation visits from Austria around specific future trends and disruptive technologies to create new business opportunities. Hosting local networking and innovation events  strengthens the relationships in our community.


Through events and workshops in Austria, and by publishing special reports (e.g. Future of Mobility), we foster the knowledge and technology exchange between Austria and Silicon Valley. Two of our flagship initiatives for Austrian businesses are described below in more detail.

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Silicon Valley acceleration program for innovative Austrian startups

GoSiliconValley allows selected Austrian startups to access the epicenter of digital innovation with its abundant sources of business opportunities, partnerships and venture capital. Every year a jury of US investors, mentors, and industry experts select up to 15 promising Austrian startups based on their innovative product, service or business model, and market traction. Each selected startup will spend up to 3 months in Silicon Valley and participate in a special accelerator program, working closely with experienced mentors, entrepreneurs, and industry veterans.

The initiative is designed to improve their product and technology base and further support their growth (through an expansion into the US market). Over the last 10 years, more than 400 Austrian startups have participated and the World Trade Promotion Organisation named “GoSiliconValley” as a best practice example for innovative international programs.




Exclusive workshops for Austrian businesses

GoStanford is a partnership between Stanford University and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber to foster the exchange of technology and innovation between Austria and one of the most recognized universities in the world. Since its inception in 2017, the program has enabled hundreds of Austrian companies to attend exclusive workshops and to network with thought leaders in various industries.

Additionally, the Stanford Masters Course, focusing on energy storage and material science, allows selected participants to expand their knowledge in a 2-week program at Stanford University. This special program also offers workshops in Austria that are led by premiere Stanford researchers.

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